How to Turn Stress into Productivity

How to Turn Stress into Productivity

Everyone knows that stress hinders productivity and therefore it is important to be able to manage it. Since stress is a mental/emotional tension created, imposed and imagined by oneself, you’re the one hindering yourself from completing something.

Stop letting this unhealthy emotion waste both your energy and time. It’s time to address this issue before it gets any worse. Here are four tips to turn stress into productivity.


Immerse Oneself to Stress Less

Procrastinating yesterday’s task will lead to a less focused mind for the next day’s activities. Instead of letting half-done responsibilities keep you awake during the night, do something more productive with your time, and concentrate on actually doing them, showing results and finally putting your mind at ease. Being able to plunge in your late to-do list will give you a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. Stress will not grow a pair of hands and legs to finish work for you, no matter how much energy you force into it.


Give Yourself Time + Reward Oneself With Breaks

Unless needed, you shouldn’t give yourself strict and near-impossible deadlines. These will cause you to be burnt out getting your tasks done on time and checking time constantly to know exactly how much time you have left before the deadline. True, it’s a great way for you to do things faster, but you’re also sacrificing the quality of your work at the same time.

If you can’t stay clear of strict deadlines, there is still a way to stress less and that is by having 5-10 minute breaks. You can use this time to calm yourself, close your eyes for a while, and take deep breaths. There are many de-stressing methods you can do in just a span of a few minutes. When you get back to work, your mind is already clearer, letting you perform more efficiently.


Ask for Help

Are you following a strict deadline? Is the task too overwhelming for you? Maybe it’s time to ask a helping hand. There are times in our life where we will need more than just a pair of hands to finish a task. Now with help, you can be twice as productive. Don’t push yourself to the very end of the cliff. Even Superman needs the help of two other superheroes to beat a villain.


Concentrate on the Stress and Finally Confront It

Focusing on the stress is only a good thing when you’re ready to find a way to handle it. We admit, avoiding stress doesn’t always work its magic. You can approach stress in an opposite manner by being productive through it and listing the things fueling this feeling so you can finally face it. You can also think of the worst things that could happen. When you go back to this list, you can check if it is was worth stressing over the things mentioned. Commonly, it’s not bad as you think. This can be an effective way to convince you to get off that box and have a clearer mind when doing things.